Tuesday, July 30, 2002

ladies' gardening gloves

This week we ripped off all of the ivy that was covering the garage and menacing the house, triffid-style. It was a ton of work, but very satisfying. Best of all, I got to try out my brand new Foxglove gardening gloves. I found them looking for something that would protect my wrists and lower arms better while working outside—everything I found was big, leather and spendy, until I came across these. They're like 50s dress gloves and come in tons of colors so you can look all glamorous; they're machine washable (although I'll need spares so I can toss them in the laundry and still have a set available); and very flexible so you can feel what you're doing (not waterproof though, if you hate getting your hands wet). Surprisingly, they do not feel as flimsy as they look—I was handling some rough bits and never felt a thing. Seriously, I can't recommend these enough. A tip though—look on their site for a local shop carrying them. My local price was much better than the best internet price I found!

Thursday, July 4, 2002

schoolkid's smocks

Ugh. Jury duty awaits me Monday. I live in fear of somehow getting put on some 2-month trial. Even after trying to work ahead I still will have to start working again by the middle of the week. Blech. In good news, even in the rotten heat I finished a new project yesterday -- the adult-size-japanese-kindergarten-smock project. I love those smocks and I needed some sort of loose and light long-sleeved cover up for gardening and messy jobs. Unfortunately I had to extrapolate the pattern myself from tiny directions in a Japanese sewing book -- but attempt #2 came out great. It's just cheap muslin with some leftover purple linen for pockets and trim, very comfortable, will protect my arms and clothes perfectly. Not exactly flattering but that's not the point. Now that the pattern is worked out I want to make one up in cute fabric or with silly pockets. And I want my nephew to get bigger so I can make him one -- I have instructions for making one that looks like an Ultraman costume!

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