Tuesday, September 28, 2004

chivalry is so dead

First, I just have to say -- more belated thanks and hellos to everyone! Doing a two-day convention turned out to be a little beyond the limits of my energy. It's the first time I've really run into the wall of pregnancy-related fatigue and it took me out for days. Whew.

But today's complaint -- I had a regular Dr. appt today, and there was some huge problem that set everyone back by about 2 hours, so there was lots of tired and bored waiting going on. But that's not what was annoying. What was annoying was that most of the time we were waiting, there weren't enough seats. And it was amazing to see able bodied men (and women who weren't patients) studiously looking down at their magazines and newspapers so that they could pretend not to notice hugely pregnant women standing around the edges of the room. At one point there were actually four men sitting, and four pregnant women standing, and not a single one of them offered to give up his seat. (No, Evan wasn't one of them, he stood until there were finally free seats.) At one point an elderly woman stood up and offered her seat to a woman who was practically about to give birth and it still didn't shame any of these people into getting up. It's not just the children of today who aren't learning manners...Grrr!

Thursday, September 16, 2004


Thanks to all of you for the well-wishes on the baby news!! You are all just too, too swell.

A couple of answers:

Yes, Josh, I'm really glad I don't live in Florida anymore!

On names -- we're keeping those to ourselves until after she's here. A baby-naming contest? SCARY!!

I certainly hope she does go into outerspace someday!

Don't know about the art thing, she'll probably end up an accountant or something. Then again, that'll mean she can support us in our old age so I shouldn't complain.

And you want to hear about onesies? Check these out. Okay, pretty spendy, but American Apparel makes incredibly great stuff. And they come in black. About as non-foo-foo as you can get! Oh, and now maybe a couple of you figured out why we added a bunch of onesies to our cafepress store...

non-baby comments: just read the manga of Spiral, I was pretty disappointed. It seemed so far off the novel I thought it might actually be an adaption of the movie (that would be the movie Rasen, not the movie Ring 2) instead -- but the big ringworld site says that it really is an adaptation of the novel. On reading the information on the site, I think it seems like a bad adaptation because of the awkwardness of the english-language version. It's really awkward, not what I'd expect from a Dark Horse product. Here's an example of one passage AHEM -- minor spoiler passage ahead!!:

Dark Horse: Inside Yamamura Sadako's body that has both male and female sexual organs, the spermatazoa and the ovum get fertilized. Next, such fertilized egg is released, and the regenerative DNA is replaced with the DNA of the fertilized egg.

Ringworld: Sadako... with her female-and-male anatomy, she could produce both sperm and egg and incite fertilization within her own body. Bringing the fertilized egg to fruition, however, would require removing the DNA from within the egg and replacing it with that of some outside source.

Okay, I don't know which one is more literally correct, but I sure know which one makes sense to me...anyway. If you get the manga, you might want to check out the Ringworld translation alongside it.

And finally, all I can say about Johnny Ramone is WTF? What on earth did that band do to bring down such an evil curse upon themselves? As Evan said, that is just so wrong.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

our latest project

As most of you have probably noticed, Evan and I tend to keep quiet about our projects until we feel confident enough to announce them. We've been working on a pretty major collaboration for some time now, and keeping it quiet hasn't been easy, let me tell you. But, we're pretty confident that we'll be making our expected ship date this December so we feel it's high time to let you all in on what we've been working on. So, we're happy to finally announce our latest (and by far greatest) House of Fun project -- our daughter, due right before Christmas this year!

Yes, that's right, we're adding a new little staff member to the House of Fun studio. I'm just about 6 months along now, and she's super-healthy and doing great. I'm doing very well too, at least these days. If any of you remember, I was really ill this spring -- yup, that was because of this baby. I was severely ill with pregnancy sickness (let's not call it morning sickness because it was 24-hours-a-day sickness) for about the first 3-1/2 months, but thank goodness things have gone well ever since that finally ended.

But now you all know why we have been so scattered, stressed and overworked this year. (Not to mention getting rid of things as fast as we can -- this house is small!) I expect this pattern will be continuing for quite some time. Don't worry, I won't be boring everyone to death with the details of my crib comparison shopping or decisions over how many onesies one baby really needs. But since that sort of nonsense does take up quite a bit of my time these days, you can expect a lame posting frequency from me -- sorry about that!

Anyway, so that's what has really been going on around here for most of 2004. Many mysteries are becoming clear, aren't they? ^_^ Thanks to everyone who has been supportive and just generally nice to us this year (and always) -- it all helped us get through the tough days!

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