Friday, August 3, 2012

semi-weekly round-up

Been a tough couple of weeks working on a difficult job. That one's over now, so it's time to get to the stuff the difficult job made late. yay!

In most important kitten news, she is doing well. And is insanely cute. It's been a long time since we had a kitten in the house though, and I forgot how hyper they can be. Whew. She and the big cat aren't friends yet, but there is no fighting. Just suspicion and some dirty looks.

kitten rolling up her stats

pretty pretty patterns I posted:

My pinterest is full of vintage patterns I find and like and collect virtually (because I have too many in real life!). Here's a few favorites from this week:

Now that is a wiggle dress.

Another amazing vintage bathing suit pattern..

A little over the top but I thought it was pretty cool.

horror of the week:

When I'm looking for pretty patterns, I sometimes find patterns that are...not. To save and share them I throw them up (har har) on tumblr at Patterns Of Horror. Here's my pick of the week:

Those poor, poor children.


things I saw around:

Quinn Cummins (yes, that Quinn Cummings) wrote an article about homeschooling for the Wall Street Journal that was excellent and balanced, and super-positive. As long as you avoid the comments, of course.

The NYPL blog posted a very funny interview with some of the kids who play magic at our local library branch.

Not much else to say, really. And now, back to work!
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