Wednesday, May 16, 2007

eyeball shirts!


Okay, how insanely cool is this eyeball shirt from puchicollective? It's actually an illustration of a Blythe doll's eyechip but all I can say is HOLY GIANT EYEBALL! Available in four colors and in sizes from toddler to adult 5XL. Also available as a fitted women's shirt. I am seriously longing for these for the whole family!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

for certain friends of mine who know who they are

USA Today did a little "expose" today on "baby carrots", which aren't actually baby carrots. Most of you are probably saying "well, duh" but lots of people think they really are baby carrots, as in little carrots that have not grown for very long. And on top of that, many people have attributed special nutritional powers to baby carrots because they are supposedly "young" baby carrots. Which is why the whole baby carrot thing is a pet peeve of mine to the point where all you have to say to me is "baby carrots" and I will start rolling my eyes and making gagging faces. Which is why certain friends of mine will think it is hysterical that I read this article today.

By the way, I have nothing against so-called baby carrots themselves, even though I don't buy them myself. Anything that reduces waste and gets people to eat vegetables is a-okay with me.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

hello kitty cake

Hello Chocolate! Hello Banana! Hello Strawberry!

Presenting the wonder of the instant hello kitty cake! These are Japanese snack sponge cakes, made by adding a bit of milk to a mix and microwaving in the included mold (very similar to the ones where you add an egg and put in a mug, but it does taste a bit different). I love these cakes. Love love love them. Unfortunately, finding them is totally random. I won't see them for ages and then suddenly there will be loads. Lately, I haven't seen them at all!

Honestly, I do not understand why these cakes (in general, not just the hello kitty ones) aren't sold here in the US. It's not the best cake, no, but it literally takes a minute to have fresh warm sponge cake in front of you. (Hmm, that is probably the answer...there may not be a lot of people here in the US that want a plain, no-icing sponge cake for a snack.)

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