Wednesday, May 16, 2007

eyeball shirts!


Okay, how insanely cool is this eyeball shirt from puchicollective? It's actually an illustration of a Blythe doll's eyechip but all I can say is HOLY GIANT EYEBALL! Available in four colors and in sizes from toddler to adult 5XL. Also available as a fitted women's shirt. I am seriously longing for these for the whole family!


  1. How sad is it that before I read your text I thought "Wow it's Blythe's eyeball!"

  2. I feel I am being SO "assimilated" into blog culture,I long for a vintage kenner Blythe,or even a Tikada repro,that tee,is wild and just exactly my brand of insane.

  3. Ha! Thats cool. When I change my dollies' eyechips I leave them with empty sockets for a really long time just to freak out my husband. I should get this shirt to compound the effect :)


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