Tuesday, May 15, 2007

for certain friends of mine who know who they are

USA Today did a little "expose" today on "baby carrots", which aren't actually baby carrots. Most of you are probably saying "well, duh" but lots of people think they really are baby carrots, as in little carrots that have not grown for very long. And on top of that, many people have attributed special nutritional powers to baby carrots because they are supposedly "young" baby carrots. Which is why the whole baby carrot thing is a pet peeve of mine to the point where all you have to say to me is "baby carrots" and I will start rolling my eyes and making gagging faces. Which is why certain friends of mine will think it is hysterical that I read this article today.

By the way, I have nothing against so-called baby carrots themselves, even though I don't buy them myself. Anything that reduces waste and gets people to eat vegetables is a-okay with me.


  1. Haha! I can imagine the eyerolling! We must be careful with that though, with all our provocation they might actually roll out of our heads. hee.

  2. Heh. I always called them "nubs of carrots." I guess this is because as a former restaurant chef I dealt with actual true baby carrots all the time, which are the sort you get at the farmers' market (tiny, rooty and with green tops), not the kind sold in cellophane. Thanks for the link, though.

  3. Jhn and Matt YuanMay 16, 2007 at 1:03 AM

    "USA Today did a little 'expose' today on 'baby carrots', which aren't actually baby carrots."
    Oh great... YET ANOTHER cherished childhood memory dashed into a thousand pieces! Oh the humanity!!!!!!

  4. Sorry guys!
    Sandy - actual baby carrots are quite a bit different, aren't they? Actually, I've bought them at the farmer's market too and I was like, hmm, these are so teeny they're kind of a pain! They are cute as heck though.

  5. huh I never knew, it makes sense, but I have to admit I never really thought about it. that does explain why the never seem to have any skin!
    The funny thing is I had heard that baby corn wasn't baby corn but some other kind of plant, I believed that, and just looked it up baby corn is baby corn and baby carrots aren't baby carrots. It's like bizarro world!

  6. That is so funny because I used to think baby carrots were cut up big carrots. Then I started thinking that this was just impossible--how could they get them so smooth.
    I figured they were some a different breed of carrot--or baby.
    I never thought they had any unique nutritional qualities.
    Anyway, I guess my first impression was correct.

  7. One other thing:
    I read somewhere that carrots used to come in a variety of colors.
    But the orange became popular and kind of pushed the others into obscurity. I did see black carrots once.

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Ahem! Excuse me.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I wonder if anyone in the Baby Carrot Fan Club has noticed this article?
    Girl, I nearly spit out my drink! "Expose".. =D

  9. wait... I'm dying to know. What posible beef could you have with baby carrots? Are they a communist plot? A government conspiracy? Or are they just little vegetables of PURE EVIL? What's the dilly-o?


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