Thursday, September 16, 2004


Thanks to all of you for the well-wishes on the baby news!! You are all just too, too swell.

A couple of answers:

Yes, Josh, I'm really glad I don't live in Florida anymore!

On names -- we're keeping those to ourselves until after she's here. A baby-naming contest? SCARY!!

I certainly hope she does go into outerspace someday!

Don't know about the art thing, she'll probably end up an accountant or something. Then again, that'll mean she can support us in our old age so I shouldn't complain.

And you want to hear about onesies? Check these out. Okay, pretty spendy, but American Apparel makes incredibly great stuff. And they come in black. About as non-foo-foo as you can get! Oh, and now maybe a couple of you figured out why we added a bunch of onesies to our cafepress store...

non-baby comments: just read the manga of Spiral, I was pretty disappointed. It seemed so far off the novel I thought it might actually be an adaption of the movie (that would be the movie Rasen, not the movie Ring 2) instead -- but the big ringworld site says that it really is an adaptation of the novel. On reading the information on the site, I think it seems like a bad adaptation because of the awkwardness of the english-language version. It's really awkward, not what I'd expect from a Dark Horse product. Here's an example of one passage AHEM -- minor spoiler passage ahead!!:

Dark Horse: Inside Yamamura Sadako's body that has both male and female sexual organs, the spermatazoa and the ovum get fertilized. Next, such fertilized egg is released, and the regenerative DNA is replaced with the DNA of the fertilized egg.

Ringworld: Sadako... with her female-and-male anatomy, she could produce both sperm and egg and incite fertilization within her own body. Bringing the fertilized egg to fruition, however, would require removing the DNA from within the egg and replacing it with that of some outside source.

Okay, I don't know which one is more literally correct, but I sure know which one makes sense to me...anyway. If you get the manga, you might want to check out the Ringworld translation alongside it.

And finally, all I can say about Johnny Ramone is WTF? What on earth did that band do to bring down such an evil curse upon themselves? As Evan said, that is just so wrong.


  1. So, so smart to keep the baby names to yourself!

  2. Between the stories I've heard from friends who got awful reactions to their chosen names; and the fact that we reserve the right to a last minute change of heart -- we decided we'd just keep the whole name thing to ourselves....I think it's much better this way. If annoying to the grandparents!

  3. Can't agree with sarra more!
    Though we settled on one right at six months and blabbed, we got in-law hate...well they STILL hate her middle name.
    Tessa Wallis, it doesn't seem controversial to me! I'm sure the name you pick will be perfect for your darling girl!
    Check out the seriously non frou-frou baby here!

  4. hey! where's the non-frou-frou baby?! I'm just getting a 404 there...
    although I have to confess, I do like *some* frou frou. Just within limits.

  5. oooh, i dig the american apparel onesies too! they are spendy, but at least you know you are contributing to an honest company and truly supporting the workin' class, right? everytime we go in tho, the black onesies are sold out!
    we went to babygap and picke dup some awesome sales... i actually got this supercute red dress (size 12 months) to save for when she can walk and be sassy --

  6. how weird, i just noticed that dress comes in 'old school pink'. what does that even mean??

  7. "Old School"?!? Mmm...I'm thinking part of the current 80s revival? I notice it costs twice as much! mod jumper?? (
    And yeah, American Apparel is spendy, but the sad thing that is probably what everything would cost if it wasn't being made by people getting 50 cents an hour....

  8. Alas, no Mod Jumper... and I didn't see the 'scary friends' or any other Halloween gear --
    It's weird, I totally want to support American Apparel with the mindset of 'ok, this is more expensive, but I know that the person who made this is making a living wage...'
    But then I start thinking about domestic economy versus global economy and it gets complicated. This reminds me of a documentary I saw about The Gap and one of their factories in South America-- the workers made like, $10 a day, and that was considered WEALTH in their economy... the biggest obstacle was having American values in a sexist society. Wish I could remember the country this took place in, I think it was Peru.
    Ok, we've gone from talking about cute onesies to political matters!!

  9. Actually, I was thinking more of the people in the US who aren't making a living wage because they work in sweatshops....and you can always just spend the extra $$ on American Apparel because they really are just made that much better!

  10. As I see it, you really haven't met your daughter yet: you have some inkling what she's like, but until you do, you don't know what name will suit her. (As long as you don't do something completely hippie like call her "Child Person" until she's old enough to select her own name. No.)
    Re: Johnny Ramone .. I was pretty indifferent to his passing (he was too Republican for me) until I read , which even brought tears to my eyes at the end.

  11. ok, sorry folks! Here is the non frou frou baby!!

  12. Being I guy, I had no clue what a "onesie" was, but after checking out the link, all I can think about is
    "All this outfit needs is a great big logo on the chest and a cape!!!!"
    Who needs to wait for Halloween for superhero dress up? You can have fun everyday!


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