Sunday, December 28, 2003

top 5 links I never posted

Okay, as part of my year-end cleanup, I'm trying to get rid of tons of bookmarks I don't need, and a pretty big handful of them are things I wanted to link to or write about here. Oops. Here's the top 5 (not actually in order though). If I uncover any other good ones I'll go ahead and post them later.

1. The iduck. Only 16MB, but pretty cute (if overpriced!) I can only hope more cool USB storage devices come out as the world gets rid of its floppy drives. (Evan's new computer is our first with no floppy drive! Crazy!)

2. The Thunderbirds. Long trailer for the upcoming live-action version of the Thunderbirds. I think we'll be seeing this one, but not because we think it's going to actually be good...

3. Deleter USA. The manga supply company has a US division now, selling pens, paper and tone screen (never thought I'd see that stuff for sale again anywhere!) for making comics (and no, they don't have to be manga style). Of special interest to me are their software packages (one for doing screen tones, one for coloring) as they're the only apps I've ever seen specifically for comic creators. (If the tone screens in ComicWorks can be imported into PhotoShop, it'd be worth the price for that alone!) They also have their own tablet, which I'm interested in finding out more about. Hopefully I'll have time to look into their stuff more next year.

4. Time magazine covers. Time has made every single cover of their magazine available online (and you can buy prints if there's one you love). A little hard to search if you aren't sure what you're looking for (have there really only been 5 Christmas covers in 80 years?) but it's all there for the browsing. (Oh, and the cover I found? Mystery writer Craig Rice, whose collaborations with Stuart Palmer we just finished reading.)

5. Elsa Schiaperelli. Celebrated in an exhibit that's unfortunately about to close at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (and if it's travelling anywhere else, I can't find anything out about it). The website is really informative and well-done, though. I'm seeing the exhibition next week (yes, cutting it close, I know!) and am really looking forward to it.

Alright, that's it for today!


  1. The Deleter tablet looks kinda crappy compared to an equivalent model Wacom (no official support outside of a Deleter-specific software package, no Mac support that I could see, pen requires batteries...). Prettier, but not nearly as useful at that price point.

  2. Live action Thunderbirds, eh? I'm reminded of the parody of Thunderbirds done by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore on their "Not Only .. But Also" show back in the 60s. If you can find it, it's the second funniest thing in the world (first funniest: the "Alan A Dale" skit, a few minutes earlier on the tape I saw).

  3. The only live-action Thunderbirds skit I've ever seen was "Ton Ton Der Birds", a very scary bit on a Mexican variety show that we caught year ago (think vaseline smeared on everyone's faces, wires sticking up from them everywhere, and an uncanny simulation of puppets by humans...). I would guess Dudley Moore and Peter Cook were slightly better, although possibly not as entertaining on a first viewing.
    On the tablet - I didn't know wacom had anything anywhere near that price, I gave up looking at those tablets aeons ago. A brief look and I'd say they're about equal for my purposes - in which case wacom makes more sense. But since I'm not getting either it doesn't really matter...


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