Tuesday, July 27, 2004

what th--

Please, tell me, is there a special effect involved in this Japanese "how-to-fold-a-t-shirt" clip? Because it is freaking me out.


  1. No, no special effect. Just carefully grabbed points and use of gravity to help it fold. No way I could do it, though.

  2. I watched it five times in a row. It's hypnotic? At no time do her hands leave the ends of her arms.
    Which Ray Bradbury are you reading? I'm going through a retro phase where I'm reading all the books I loved as a teen: a lot of Wodehouse, some Bradbury, "Dhalgren" and "Nova", and so on ..

  3. HMMM! I must show this to the laundry-boy so he can arrange my clothes more neatly... fold, laundry-boy, fold!

  4. These people can fold anything in ways that boggle the mind.
    It's like some kind of cloth oragaimi.
    Ray Bradbury came from my old home town of Waukegan Illinois. Very Cool.
    I think the only good thing to come out of there has been him and Jack Benny. Not much else for the last 50-60 years.
    Check out Dandilion Wine or Driving Blind, very good.

  5. "Driving Blind" -- great book, but the sheer number of typos in the hardback made me fling my copy across the room. The man's a living legend, damn it, and there is no reason for the book jacket copy to credit him as the author of "Fahrenheit 415"! Don't they have proofreaders at Avon Books?

  6. finaly figured it out. Look carefully. She is reaching ACROSS the tshirt and grabbing the far side and NOT the side closest to you.


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