Thursday, October 28, 2004

speaking of ikea

Checking for a lamp I thought I had seen, I stumbled across these adorable ghost nightlights! If they really are rechargable, I'm so going to have to get some (maybe blue and red...but then I'll feel bad for the green one...). I had my eyes on these Candeloos but I think the ghosts have them beat hands down! (Not to mention, there's a huge difference between $50 and $9.99!)


  1. Which Candeloos did you like better? blue and green? I love those and you do get two!
    But the cute ghosts!! Adorable. :)

  2. actually, I like the pink candeloo and the blue candeloo best, but if I was to actually get a set I'd go green/blue. But the much cuter!!! I didn't see those in the catalog, looks like they've got a lot of stuff in-store that they left out this year. Must make trip while I can still walk!! ^_^

  3. I'm counting the days until ours opens here in ATL. 2005 is such a vague number!
    Happy Halloween btw! Enjoy your scary movies!

  4. Not at all related to the post (: but wanted to say that I finally connected the adapter of Kodocha to **that** Sarah Dyer! No, I have no idea why I enjoy Milk and Cheese, Ghost Planet, **and** Kodocha. If you have a link to how you got the adaptation job or care to tell us , please let me know. (:


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