Sunday, December 12, 2004

checking in

Just popping up to say "hi" -- as you can imagine, things are out of control busy here getting ready for our new assistant to make her appearance. Everything's good, just head-spinning busy. And if things come down to keep me from posting again soon, I just want to say happy holiday(s) of your preference to all!!


  1. Happy holidays to you and Evan as well, Sarah, and all best wishes for a safe and healthy birthing time!!

  2. Holy toledo, Action Girl is going to be a mommy! Just found your blog, will be hoping for a happy birth for you. We had emailed a looooong time ago about female action figures (1996? 1997?) Anyway I'm glad to have found your blog! The world needs more cool moms :)
    xoxo Jenna and Baby Evie, 1 year old Action Girl in training

  3. thanks to both of you!! everything's going well so far other than my minor impatience problem. Will keep everyone posted!


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