Monday, March 7, 2005

in memoriam


Thanks to everyone who wrote or posted kinds words about Pixie. Truthfully I don't believe in such things, but I'd like to think he really is with the Mama Cat right now and feeling much better.


  1. Salud, brave kitten.
    Speaking of the Mama Cat, when I was small I used to think the line in the song "Creeque Alley" was "No one's getting fat except Mama Cat." I used to wonder why that was.

  2. Ahem. Do not make me laugh aloud when the baby is alseep. Please.

  3. My sympathies, Sarah. Pixie has a strong resemblance to my cat Danny, who just died of old age on March 2. Growing up, my family had many cats but Danny was the first one I had to myself; he must have been born about '87 or '88. When I moved out of my parents house, Danny stayed behind so he would be well taken care of. Hearing about his death was heartbreaking. At least I got to see him one last time over the holidays.
    Thanks for linking to our book, also.

  4. Sarah: We are very sad to hear of the death of your sweet kitty! Eames has bowed his head in a moment of silent respect.


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