Monday, May 16, 2005

feeding the baby

Warning: link heavy baby stuff post ahead!!

316784000L.jpg We're creeping up on the introduction of cereal for little Emily, and so I've been checking out baby tableware. And wow, are the options out there daggy! If nothing else, than for the weird preponderance of dark purple and green (what, does someone in the baby design world love Jack Kirby?)

So, deciding that I couldn't stand the chunky green-and-purple caterpillar look (or the metal spoons dipped in rubber) I went searching for tableware I'd like (since she could care less).

I treated myself to the very reasonably priced infant set from Combi Japan (pictured), and also a couple items by Tigex (who should bring out the rest of their line here!) With a couple of cute pieces from Ikea thrown in, she's all set for now.

When she's bigger, more Combi (there's a toddler set as well), more Tigex if I can get it and these cool plates and bowls scouted by my friend Christine at Crate and Barrel. (Okay, they're technically barware, but how perfect for kid's food?) I'm also attracted by this Fishy Dish, and Trebimbi's frost set is on my shopping list for her 1st birthday.

Of course, another year or two and it'll be Disney Princess all the way, no doubt. But for now, I'll love her dishes even more than she will.


  1. Okay, this stuff is rad! And, I tried SO HARD to keep my niece off the Disney Princess gear. Still, she was three years old and we were in a Disney Store and she was literally DROOLING so, you know, pink and purple all the way!

  2. I thought this was some kind of funky bento Box thing... since when did the kids get all the cool table ware?!

  3. Yeah, kids get the best stuff. I've never seen flatware or dishes for adults that's so neat. But if you want serving pieces and accessories, there's the spendy Alessi and the not-so-spendy Koziol lines! We've got quite a few silly items in our kitchen. (Note to self: don't forget the Rudi cup for Emily!)


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