Monday, October 10, 2005

Action Girl!

Live and in person! Well, sort of. See our pal and cat-sitter's Halloween costume of Action Girl! (Circa...1999? Or thereabouts.)


  1. Jen looks uncharacteristically tall in that pic. Must be the superheroine chic; it adds inches (but I've heard THAT promise before...).
    I'm also wild about the pic of Nick with the bleached hair and Evan in the luchador mask. Both blackmail-worthy pieces of evidence.

  2. Nothing blackmail-worthy about El Rey De Cerveza. First of all, I'm masked, so nobody can make fun of my actual face, which always hurts more than when they make fun of your clothes. Secondly, luchadores rule, and drunken luchadores fucking rule. Thirdly, I got injured after Sarah's brother Tim put me in a real impromptu backbreaker one Halloween while in this outfit. Okay, that doesn't mean anything. Fourthly, uh, I'm not a real luchadore so discount #1 and #2. Fifthly, I don't care anyway, I keep meaning to put up a picture of me in my 70's-era Stan Lee Halloween costume. That has my face in it and everything, much worse than a masked wrestler pic. So there.
    Actually, the Tintin Halloween costume would be embarrasing to post.

  3. "Actually, the Tintin Halloween costume would be embarrasing to post."
    Hmmm, I'll have to remember that.

  4. Evan, you are truly the King of Ramble. As always, I am in awe.
    (And Nick does describe your old haircut as "the Tintin look." Didja have a Snowy or Haddock?)
    Are you guys doing anything for Halloween this year? Sarah, are you making a costume for Emily? How's the trick or treatin' out SI way?

  5. Halloween will be low-key this year; hopefully we'll get back in the swing of things next year! Emily is getting a costume, although I'm only fixing up a store-bought costume!
    When Evan was Tintin, our friend David was Captain Haddock and my brother was Chang (since my brother is Korean it was the obvious choice for him). No Snowy, the stuffed ones are so expensive!!


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