Saturday, December 3, 2005

snow fun!!

When I posted about Bon Bon Panda last night, I went to check the link at jay is games and discovered another time waster -- SnowDays! Cut your own paper snowflake and see the work of others. Two things I learned so far: look at the little dots in the snowstorm, they're paper flakes you zoom in on too (I suppose it's obvious but it took me a while....); and, I suck at cutting out flakes in flash. In the real world, I'm actually good at it. But I'm terrible at these. Might be because I have a trackball and not a mouse. But anyway. It was still fun! And the most snow I'm seeing this month, most likely...


  1. I LOVE that site. Such a neat idea. :)

  2. And ironically, I post that and we get a serious snowfall!!!
    I still suck at cutting them out online.

  3. OT but going on about time wasters, do you use Bittorent? There's a very stylish anime out Paradise Kiss, the very one that Tokyo Pop was translating the manga of. Paradise Kiss is done by a new studio Noitama or something like that and they've already established themselves as a studio that likes to experiment around in animating.

  4. Actually yes, although unfortunately my REALLY EXPENSIVE ROADRUNNER CONNECTION SUCKS right now so I've been pretty limited. I have actually snagged episodes 1-6 of Paradise Kiss purely because I liked the manga so much, but I haven't watched them at all. I should remember to actually watch at least one before I keep downloading them, right? ^_^

  5. Okay, I'm addicted to the Snowflake site. Got to get back to work.
    BTW, ever since you mentioned Illustration Friday in your journal, I have been trying to use the site as a way to get my artistic juices going again (been so busy lately) and have been able to get a few drawings in about every third week or so (my latest pic can be seen here:
    Anyway, I figured I would say thanks for giving me an excuse to draw again ^_^. Thinking of you kids, always!

  6. Hey Vu!! Glad to hear you kids are alive ^_^
    And glad to see you drawing! Remote though....tsk tsk...
    I LOVE the story about your parents' flower. That is so cool.

  7. Go here now.


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