Wednesday, August 2, 2006

puchi love!!

Some of you may remember my posting about Re-ment miniature food & housewares some time ago, or have seen photos of some of my collection, or, if you're really old-school, have known for ages about my obsession with miniature (fake) food. Whatever the case may be, it should come as no surprise that I am giddy, I tell you, giddy, over the news that Re-ment is launching here in the US! Offerings appear to be remixes of the original Japanese lines, I'm spotting bits and pieces from all over the series in the sets they're previewing. No news on when and where they will be selling them, but I'm ready to line up right now!


  1. That's SO COOL! The best part is that the sets are different ... more fun to collect. Then again, the worst part is that if we want the Japanese sets, we're still stuck paying $$$ for shipping.

  2. giddiness: a sign of shock. lay with feet slightly elevated. administer/imbibe electrolyte solution (sweet tea, in moderation, gatorade, or a better tsting and cheaper alternative, warm water with a pinch of salt and sugar... i'd go with the tea... perhaps a separate pinch of salt). keep warm. note possible wandering of thoughts (towards replicas of food, say). keep under surveillance. bonne chance.


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