Tuesday, October 3, 2006

counting down to halloween!

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday (I think partly because October is also my birthday month; and also, where I grew up in Florida it was the month it finally cooled off!) and it seems like more and more people agree these days. So every year we're always excited when the new Halloween decorations and stuff roll out, even though we rarely buy much of anything. (Target is always the big one -- even if the merchandise isn't awesome, the store is decorated fantastically.) This year I actually came across something totally new to me -- a Halloween "countdown" calendar! Basically, it's just like an advent calendar, but counting down to Halloween. I feel sure I saw a different one somewhere too, but I didn't note which catalog it was and it's long gone. And the possibilities for making your own are endless -- I think this is a project in my future!

In other news, the new kitchen faucet landed on our doorstep today (the pull-out spray broke off the old one, plus it was kind of nasty). I am actually going to attempt to replace it myself later this week, although with our goofy sink set-up it may be too much for me. Wish me luck!


  1. Happy birthday month!
    Target seems to be doing a dia de los muertos-lite this year.
    Have you picked up B.H and Gardens Halloween tricks and treats?It has 2 decorated pumpkins on the cover(not such an amazing cover) ,but total WOW onthe inside features!

  2. Thanks!! ^_^
    We thought the same thing about Target - we did pick up two lanterns but that's it so far.
    I have not seen the BH&G thing! I'll have to look for that -- hope it's still hanging around somewhere!


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