Wednesday, November 1, 2006

halloween baby!

big and little cheburashkas

Emily's 2nd Halloween, and her first one with a slight clue what was going on. I made her this Cheburashka costume, which has great significance to us but which I knew would be interpreted by most people as a teddy bear (although a few people thought she was a puppy!) I had a serious moment of doubt working on this costume...I didn't think I could pull it off since I was winging most of it. But then everything clicked and it ended up working out fine. Furry felt is pretty awesome, although I feel like washing it would destroy it completely. And I'm not sure how comfortable it actually was -- but she didn't complain a bit, and even kept her hands inside the little paw-mittens!

We took her to the mall for their big trick-or-treat thing. She liked looking at the other kids a lot, didn't like adults talking to her so much, and ended up pretty overwhelmed:

cheburashka at the mall

She sure looked cute though! Next year: real door-to-door trick-or-treating! Well, maybe.

Best costumes at the mall: two little asian boys dressed as yellow-track-suit Bruce Lee and a Shaolin Monk. Their mom was really happy that Evan recognized both costumes!


  1. Absolutely adorable,I am so impressed with your skills!

  2. It turned out so well!! We have done the mall thing with a friends little girl before. Tess actually went door to door this year and she really liked it! :)
    Beautiful job as usual gal!!

  3. thanks guys!! I was really happy with the suit when all was said and done. Although I made the hood TWICE (ears were too small the first time). The claws are my favorite part, I think!
    yeah, we aren't in a door-to-door neighborhood and we didn't want to drive to a strange neighborhood just to do a few houses. The mall was fun for her (and fun for us to see all the costumes!) Next year though!!

  4. Awwwwwwwww!!!! So cute!!!! You ladies out there with adorable little girly-kids are so LUCKY! Not that i don't love my wild beastie boys, mind you. :) MY little one and his daddy-o dressed as Mario and Luigi was a hoot! So sad halloween is over! :(

  5. Oh my goodness.. she is just too darling!

  6. Mario and Luigi? How cool! I'm hoping to do matching/family costumes at least once or twice before she finds us too embarassing...
    And Deb, thanks! I mean, I know *I* think so, but I'm maybe a teency bit biased.

  7. That looks great! Don't worry, I had a friend who dressed up as a Katamari prince one Halloween. She looked awesome!

  8. Cool outfit! We're surprised no one thought she was dressed as a koala bear. That's what we thought, but then again, we're ignorant...

  9. Wow! You did an awesome job on that costume and she is ADORABLE!
    I've always admired all your creative skills.

  10. thanks, thanks and thanks! (Mostly I like hearing that she's adorable ^_^)

  11. nice to meet your awesome blog jinjur mommy!
    what a darling little cheburashka. is that a monkey?
    awesome costume!
    my 3 yr old daughter was an ham the 1st chimpanzee astronaut from 1960

  12. ham the chimp astronaut? that's amazingly cool!

  13. I just came across your post about the Cheburashka costume. I love it!!! I am looking for one for my 2 year old. Do you know where I can find one or do you sell versions that you sew?
    Thanks so much,


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