Friday, February 2, 2007

it's Groundhog's Day

And David Seah has a brilliant idea for celebrating it: in the spirit of the movie, make this your chance to get things right. Move your resolutions to today from Jan 1st! Go read his proposal, it makes perfect sense. In a nutshell - Jan 1st is the worst time of year to make resolutions; you're tired and worn out from the holidays (And I think January can be a pretty dank month). It's true, this year I was so wiped out I didn't even attempt to make resolutions. So make them on Feb 2nd, after you've had time to get your head back above water and think more about them. He then lays out a whole plan for reviewing your progress based on the idea that today is 2/2, so on each following month/day pairing (3/3, 4/4 etc) you will take some time to think about them. He did leave out the 3/3 Girls' Day (which we celebrate every year!) and 5/5 Boys' Day holidays, but I guess they're not that relevant.

Of course, the trick will still be to keep your resolution list short and realistic; and to approach them in a fashion that makes sense. But that's a whole different issue.

Okay, I'm off to think about making 3 resolutions for this year! What will yours be?


  1. WELL.. I did already make some resolutions on 1/1. I like the idea of 2/2 though. I usually don't have much time to really think about them before or even soon after 1/1. And I REALLY like the idea of reviewing progress. Mine? They are hard to verbalize externally. They involve goals for my relationship with our daughter, with my husband, and regarding my 'jobs.' Did you settle on your resolutions?

  2. Hi Sarah!!! Thanks for buying into the GHD Resolution idea! My sister introduced me to your work years and years ago, so it's very cool to be linked from your! I find your work-life really inspiring.
    I think I'll add those girl's day and boy's day holidays. Maybe I should drop father's day, so mother's day won't feel left out, or just make 9/9 GHD Mother's Day, Because We Care (TM) :-)
    Lisa: One thing I do with regards to resolutions is try to come up with a useful prop that, in the process of acquiring or making it, leads to the completion of the resolution. For example, for a relationship goal it may be the making of something that brings a smile to someone's face when they see it every time. It could be a picture of a funny memory. It could be making something together, or picking out something. The criterion that it makes someone smile is essential...thats one of the foundations of a good relationship, I think.

  3. Lisa, I did settle - I went with 3: one each personal, health and career. I think that's doable and reasonable....we'll see! The first review is fast approaching and I can't say I've gotten too far!
    David - well, that's just a too funny small-world coincidence. And now I'm glad you may have been inspired by me at one time because now you've turned around and returned the favor!! I like your prop idea too....that wasn't in your post, was it?


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