Thursday, March 29, 2007

found! cute stuff!


So, commenter Jenna K turns out to have the most amazing kid's clothes on her site! Girl's stuff to die for. Some of my all-time favorite fabrics, for one thing (pink tattoo flash like our matching aprons! sugar skulls like on Emily's bib!) Pirate dresses, mod dress, and the newest one is killing me -- a pirate-y party dress WITH AN APRON. I am coveting it seriously. However, this is probably the one that Emily would pick, considering her current all-things-cheetah obsession!

This is exactly the kind of webstore I have been wishing I had time to do -- cute dresses and blankets and accessories (sadly, I even bought a domain name and everything, thinking I'd be doing it by now). Maybe someday, but until then...I can just go drool at these instead.


  1. Thanks for sharing her site. That dress is delightful. No time like the present to start your online shop. You could start small with an etsy shop to try things out.

  2. Awww, thanks for the review! I'm honored, Sarah Dyer digs me! Woo hoo! :)

  3. Oh!!!! I wish the Mondrian dress came in adult sizes! :D Thanks for sharing the site, I don't have kids at the moment but I DO get to be the Cool Aunt to other peoples' kids, heh heh. I'm so bookmarking this!

  4. you're all welcome!
    and thanks, Felicia...I know, that's really what I should do. I even have finished baby blankets somewhere around here. Maybe when we're a little more caught up I'll just start slowly...


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