Monday, April 9, 2007

my mini swap!

Our third What's Cookin' apron swap has come to a close, and I think it was my favorite one yet! The theme was mini aprons, made for each other's kids. I was really happy with what I made, and Emily and I were both thrilled with what we got!

First, my apron. I was making this apron for six-year old Ada, and after reading her likes and dislikes, my idea came together almost instantly for once. I scaled up this apron I'd designed for Emily, and used this adorable bunny fabric I had on hand (okay, actually I ordered more to use later and used what I had here while I waited for my order!). I thought the resulting apron was really cute, and apparently so does Ada!

swap apron

I also made little sister Esme a matching bib she can wear while she watches Ada cook:

swap bib

And here are the matching recipe cards to go with the apron!

swap recipe cards

I included one of our family's favorite recipes, one for strawberry bread. Imagine my surprise -- they grow strawberries and will have plenty of opportunity to make this bread come (real) spring!)

And as for Emily's apron, well, she is a reluctant model this week. So hopefully Megan will be posting a photo, because it's an adorable art smock with polka dots (one of Em's favorite motifs)! Megan and her little boy Canaan also included recipes chosen by Canaan and a book, Joey and Jet In Space, which Emily is in love with. (She loves rockets and space!)

Thanks to everyone who participated and made our swap so much fun!


  1. Cute! Max has an apron he *loves* to wear to help cook, great idea that you made them for the kids this round. It's so sweet that you made a matching bib, too!
    I should be emailing you about this, but are you still planning to do the Etsy pledge? I bailed last year because of our crazy move thing, but I'd be interested if you're doing it again.

  2. You have been a blogging fool lately!!!!That apron is SOOOOOO cute! I love the name Ada,Adelaide was actually on my un-used name list for both girls.

  3. JDP, are you saying I'm a fool? ^_^
    I was so happy with the apron. I resisted the temptation to make Emily a copy VERY HARD. I might make her one when she's bigger though and has grown out of her current aprons.
    And the bib came out great! I still make Emily wear something when she eats things like chili so I may make her a few pretty ones like it.
    julia - aw thanks! you know, I kind of bailed on the etsy pledge -- my own pledge ended the month my brother died and I just never got back to it. I will ask Mary Ann if she wants to revive it or not.

  4. Lucky us! It was so exciting for Ada (and for me) to get such a wonderful package in the mail. Thank you for being so thoughtful!


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