Monday, February 9, 2009

the mushroom invasion: they try to take over!

So, Saturday night, I took a quick photo of the mushrooms:

saturday night

Notice that the big one has grown barely 1/2 an inch past the edge of the bowl. Sunday, we all went back to the NY Comic Con, came back very tired, ate, looked at stuff we'd brought home, and just before scooting Emily upstairs I looked over at the mushrooms:

sunday night

AAAAAAAHHHHH!!! So, we decided they had to be stopped for our own protection that minute, and I sliced off the mushrooms. Once they were all on a plate, they seemed so much more friendly. Food-like. And even pretty.


But still -- that thing was huge. See? Almost the size of a very tired 4-year-old's face.

mushroom face

I checked my big food book for storage tips, and covered them with a tea towel and stashed them in the fridge for the next day. Tomorrow, the results!!

In the meantime, a few more notes -- I will in the future probably buy my kits here. I didn't this time because their kits are bigger and I didn't know where I could park a big one. They also have a "kid's" kit that grows enoki mushrooms and can apparently be pretty neglected and stil produce, so for a winter blahs project for little ones it might be a good bet. If you are even slightly interested, go and request their catalog, it's amazing -- if I'd had their catalog in hand before I ordered my kit, I'd have gone with one of theirs, too big or not. And now that I have looked through it a bit, I personally want to inoculate outdoor logs and have my own mushroom forest someday!! (Maybe a few more indoor kits would be a good idea first, though!)


  1. How fun! Thank you for the links - Audrey is the only one here who doesn't LOVE mushrooms, so I think this would be a great project for us ;o)
    Did you make the shirt Emily is wearing? It looks suspiciously like it has ::shudder:: *sleeves*!

  2. Ok, the amount and pace of growth is maybe a little bit scary. That website looks so cool - I wish we could get a mushroom kit here.

  3. Catalog ordered! Now the waiting game, very exciting!

  4. Holy Shitake (I know, I know but I couldn't help myself)! That thing is monstrous! It looks like the mushroom is reaching out of the bowl. Cool, but kinda creepy.
    I can't wait for our kit to arrive (I ordered the big enoki one). Both of the kids want to keep it in their room (and Flynn doesn't even remotely like mushrooms - maybe this will change her tune).

  5. I must say, I'm SOO amazed at your mushroom project! They're awesome! Maybe we should try making mushrooms with the girls - it seems such an easy and funny thing to do! :)

  6. This was really a lot of fun, and I think any kid would be thrilled to have something where you get results so fast. Emily wants to do it again (if this one doesn't grow any more) and she doesn't even want to eat them! I actually looked and found mushroom kits available in the UK and I bet they're gettable in the EU -- start googling, guys!
    And Catherine, yep, sleeves. It's our compromise, if she wears long sleeves under her dress she doesn't have to wear her jacket. And she still pushes them up. So what you see in that photo is exactly how she was dressed outdoors in 35° weather!!


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