Saturday, April 25, 2009

eye spy...a work in progress

I have works in progress all over my house, heck, my whole house is a work in progress! But here's one that's gong to be fun:

future veggie plot

That's the plot that's going to be veggies this year (we hope, anyway.) Right now it does look a lot like we've buried some very small victims, but actually that's where we've spread the compost we had in the basement and covered it up with soil to finish decomposing in time to plant. The garden has been a real treat so far this year. Lots of green is starting to pop up:

ferns are unfolding

Little visitors are appearing:

hi there

(not to mention we had a record bird-watching day last week with our cardinal pair, four bluejays and a robin, all within an hour or so!) We've gotten to do some outdoor crafts:

pinecone bird feeder

And I even managed to track down a new pink garden hose since last year's didn't survive. (Emily really wanted orange, but the only one I found was way out of my budget)

this year's pink garden hose

The garden is even supplying us with loveliness inside:

blossoming branches

So far, it's shaping up to be a good gardening year.

This week's eye spy theme brought to you by Michelle of Hugo & Elsa!


  1. Loving the lovelies inside! And the pink hose is pretty cool. Hope your veggie garden produces lots of healthy goodness.

  2. Veggie gardens are always great WIPs!
    Love the blossoms.

  3. I love the blossoms! (And the pink hose is pretty cool.)

  4. What a wonderful garden! That last photo is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your veggies grow.

  5. I'm so jealous! I am nowhere near committed enough to handle a garden of any sort lol! But I would LOVE to grow my own veggies one day. Maybe when the kids all grow up...?


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