Friday, July 20, 2012

end of the week round-up

It was a pretty busy week this week; lots of work, two minor injuries, classes, and weather that went from a heat index of well over 100° to me thinking I need to go dig a hoodie out -- in just a couple of days. Also, this happened:


She's a rescue kitten, maybe 3 months old, and we sort of ended up with her all of a sudden. Hopefully it works out (she and the big cat have to get along) because she is a sweetheart.


Not much! Mostly I chatted and shared some RTs like this fantastic article on health and weightloss from @comicsreporter, "Comics Made Me Somewhat Less Fat", and the awesome Your Logo Is Not Hardcore tumblr (via @robharrigan).
* * *

And this blast from the past, the Madness Colgate advert. We used to have this on vhs!

pretty pretty patterns:

My pinterest is full of vintage patterns I find and like and collect virtually (because I have too many in real life!). Here's a few favorites from this week:

I love this dress with it's fake princess lines. Definitely sleeveless though.

Super-cute, definitely for the younger set though. Also might tend to poke you a lot.

A spectacular bathing pattern (which had a spectacular price!).

horror of the week:

When I'm looking for pretty patterns, I sometimes find patterns that are...not. To save and share them I throw them up (har har) on tumblr at Patterns Of Horror. Here's my pick of the week:

Ugh. The only thing worse than hippies is middle class fake hippies with their creepy key parties and crap.  

And now I really do need to go find a hoodie. And maybe make a mug of hot tea.

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