Thursday, January 27, 2005

how 4 weeks can seem like a year

Emily Jane is 4 weeks old today. My lord, does it seem like it's been forever. She's starting to settle into some routines -- not on a schedule or anything, but I'm beginning to be able to figure out when she'll sleep for a while and let me get things done. And I'm even managing to deal with all the crap that was waiting for me when I got home from the hospital, like the insurance claim to get the garage fixed; being summoned for Federal jury duty -- again!; and a couple other household management-type things that I really didn't need to deal with this month. (The good news is -- just today I finally found out that I was excused from travelling 2-/12 hours each way to sit in a jury pool, seeing as how I have a newborn baby and all -- in fact, I'm excused for 10 years. Which kind of rules.)

Anyway, got to take the baby girl out today in 18° weather. Think I'll start dressing her now!

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  1. I always felt like six weeks was a big plateau. You've finally established a routine that's familiar to both you and the baby. Also, that's about when babies start to smile and really become much more responsive. As my friend Alan once put it, "It becomes tolerable once they start smiling at you, and it becomes fun once they start sleeping through the night."


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