Thursday, January 27, 2005


You know, I knew there was some link I wanted to post. Actually, there's quite a few, but this is "time sensitive" as all my junk mail likes to say. Kids or no kids, you must check out the Kiddie Records Project and start downloading all the amazing vintage kid's records they will be putting up (one a week) this year. I'm already amazed by the selection! I'm hoping that they somehow will have a copy of my personal favorite kid's record, which, of course, I can't even remember the name of right now (it's this very odd beatnik/jazz fairytale record, with the stories narrated by this very world-weary Susan Tyrell type -- it was one of my favorite records when I was little and I Wore. It. Out.) Anyway, bop on over and start your collection today!


  1. Oh my God!
    This is sooooooooooo cool. I remember some of these discs from my childhood. I'll have to get my 2 year old to listen (and look at the pictures where applicable).
    Thanks for this!
    Mike Duncan

  2. Wow .. I'll be sure to tune in when they have "Rusty In Orchestraville". My wife has a 78 copy, but the scratchy disks are almost shot.

  3. This is an unbelievably cool link, Sarah. Gerald McBoingBoing as told by The Great Gildersleeve is too great to pass up (is it the orignal Gildy?). I definitely plan on downloading all of these, as much for myself as for the upcoming baby.

  4. There are a few beatnik/jazz fairytales on The Beat Generation box set. I bet it was the one by Al Jazzbeaux Collins.

  5. Here's a description I ganked:
    "Al gained national attention when Steve Allen recorded his jazzy versions of Aesop�s Fables (Be Bop�s Fables). With Allen playing piano, Al recorded a successful single, Little Red Riding Hood, and Cinderella. He also made up Grimm�s Fairy Tales for Hip Kids and jazzy, beatnik nursery rhymes. "

  6. One last: A link to the Time Magazine archives article about it:,10987,858263,00.html

  7. Oops. The first one was:
    "Steve Allen's Hip Fables" which had Al Jazzbo Collins on it too.
    Sorry I'll stop now, but it's almost certainly one of those two.

  8. This was great, but oi vey that one album "Little Black Sambo and his Jungle Orchestra"?! Yikes!


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