Friday, September 2, 2005

the apron!

Sarah's apron on flickr

Originally uploaded by angry chicken.

So, here's the apron. Obviously, the full-size one is on the left. It's based on a vintage "hostess apron" pattern that I have. Unfortunately, the photo is not so good and Crushy slept on the apron for a few hours before I took the photo, making things worse. (Cats and fabric -- argh!!) The mini apron is for a Gene-sized doll, and fared much better -- no sleepy cat laying all over it, for one thing. The scale of the smaller one makes the fabric much stiffer, and makes me want to redo the pattern in a taffeta or something, I think it looks much better. I also like the bows better on the smaller one -- I did them that way because it was easier but they turned out nicer. It's a nice size and the pockets are great, if a bit deep. So I think I'll definitely rework this pattern in the future. Still, even though I'm not 100% happy with the results here, it was just pretty exciting to participate in something for the first time since that BABY arrived. ^_^


  1. Sarah! If you remake the mini-apron into human-apron, I think the apron strings ought to be really HUGE too.

  2. You can't see it in the crappy photo, but the big one actually has 4" wide tafetta for the waistband so it's almost as huge looking!
    I definitely won't try this pattern again without using a stiffer fabric though.

  3. Great job on the aprons! I think women look great in aprons.

  4. Have you seen this:

  5. I'm an idiot -- OF COURSE you know TIE ONE ON. Oh, well. I was trying to be helpful!


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