Wednesday, September 21, 2005

the comic shop magnet

So recently we've discovered that one of Evan's superpowers is the ability to find a comic shop anytime, anyplace. It all started about a month and a half ago, when we went on a short day trip to have lunch and do some book shopping. On the way home, we decided to get back on the highway in a different direction, and what did we see? A comic shop!! A few weeks later, another day trip, and on the way we take the wrong exit off the highway (different highway). We're trying to turn around to get back on track and pull into a shopping center to do so and, you guessed it, we found another comic shop. We get to our destination, pull into a parking place randomly, literally look up through the front windshield and what do we see? Uh huh, comic shop. And finally, just a week or so ago, we take Emily to her cousin's birthday party and take an alternate route home....and pass a comic shop! It's uncanny!

And the two questions are: When and how did he develop this eerie power? and: If there are so few comic shops left, how are we finding them everywhere we go?

(In case you're wondering: Shop 1 -- we went in. Your standard large, mostly empty, all mainstream stripmall shop. Shop 2 -- didn't go in, looked like it might be decent. Shop 3 -- went in. They were just moving in, so it was very messy, but they had a huge selection that included manga, indie books, toys, magazine, etc. It was the first comic shop I've actually seen Shojo Beat for sale in! Shop 3 -- didn't go in but looked good from the road.)


  1. The shop I work at opened a 2nd location about a year and half ago in an area where the closest shop was about 10 or 15 miles away. Since then, another one has opened and a third moved closer to us. I think more shops are opening up again. It's because they've started making variant covers again. >:(

  2. "It's because they've started making variant covers again."
    Oh god, I hope not!! But it does seem like more stores really are opening. I wonder how much gaming and manga have to do with that?

  3. Wah, nice new setup! I will miss the old green place though.

  4. I have some bad news...The comic shop in Eltingville is closing the 30th...Now I have no-where to buy my comics! Where are places you talked about? In Jersey? Cause I seriously need a new place to get my comics....

  5. Jazz, I highly recommend the Hanley's in New Dorp -- Socko, who manages is a friend of ours and is making the store a really great place. There are some decent shops in Jersey too, but I'd have to ask Evan where they are. New Dorp's going to be closer anyway though!

  6. I went there a few times, but I live on the South Shore, so it's kinda far. Maybe I can bribe my sister to going there on the way home from school. ;)
    I think there is a new place in Great Kills, I could ask my friend to pick up the comics, but it's still not the same.

  7. The New Dorp JHU shop is definitely worth the trip. They carry just about everything, a large manga selection, some gaming and a lot of toys but the emphasis is squarely on comics, graphic novels and related books. Socko reads every title that comes in and he's making the staff read as much stuff as possible so customers don't have to encounter the comic book clerk blank stare from hell when they mention a title that isn't from Marvel or DC.
    They know their superhero stuff and are getting better and better with the indy stuff and manga all the time. It's a friendly place to shop. Socko really loves comics and the crew there really try to make the customers happy. End of plug.

  8. "I wonder how much gaming and manga have to do with that?"
    In our area, not so much. A large shop went out of business a while ago and we were filling in the gap created by it.
    For us, manga sales have dropped dramatically in the past year or two. We've had to go from stocking two pretty good sized outfacing racks and a smallish bookshelf to just one rack and the bookshelf.
    As for gaming, we just sell packs. We don't have much room for game tables or anything. And I'm not trying to offend anyone, but many gamers are smelly and loud. I think a lot of people look at a comic shop as a book store. They want a kind of quiet place to browse.


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