Friday, March 10, 2006

Best. Tarot. Deck. Ever.

My galpal Mary discovered this incredibly cool retro-licious Housewives Tarot and it only took me about 2 minutes to add the (real) deck to my Amazon shopping list! You can also do a reading right on the site, which is pretty fun. Here's my reading!



  1. how in the hell were you able to save your reading!? i right clicked and the 'save this image' feature wasn't available!

  2. Clever trickery!!
    No, actually, I just used the print screen function and then pasted it into photoshop.

  3. print screen function? Is that a right click? oh! what does it matter! i don't have photoshop anyway!!! blah!!

  4. Sarah: I was just directed to this site:
    and I thought it was right up your alley -- fake mini-food of all types. I'm getting the pumpkin pie slice necklace...


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