Sunday, March 19, 2006

sugar shock!


Reader Sandy T alerted me to Pancake Meow--a collection of handcrafted miniature fake food jewelry!! And as we all know, there's not much I love more than mini fake foods...but what to get? There's an amazing array of confections which you can buy (or use) as necklaces, earrings or charms. As a bonus, you can get them scented (although that's not for me--ugh). A bunch can even be customized! I'm personally leaning towards a pink cupcake with white icing (see the one on the left in the pic)...what would you get? Oh, and if the cuteness that artist Leslie makes herself isn't enough, she's going to start carrying an adorable line of Japanese goods from Decole soon. I am so there.


  1. You always post the cutest websites. These miniatures remind me of the Avon lipgloss my sister and I would get when we were kids. I specifically remember having lipgloss that came in the shape of an icecream cone with either vanilla, strawberry or chocolate soft serve. For that reason, I might lean toward the pink ice cream cone with jimmies and a cherry. Too cute!

  2. that pancake meow stuff is cute..i wish it came with those little faces on everything she makes though(like on her sidebar)..that would be even cuter!

  3. Ooh, lipgloss shaped like food? I would have LOVED that. Any [girl] kid would, I think.
    I bet the happy face versions will be on the t-shirts and paper goods -- when I first saw the site, I thought it was all going to have faces too!


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