Thursday, June 8, 2006

r.i.p., mr. jinx

Thanks to everyone who's been saying nice things over on Evan's journal. We got home a little while ago from the vet, where Mr. Jinx finally finished out his run here with us. He started to really deteriorate a few days ago, and this morning while we were waiting from a call back from his Dr., he got up onto a kitchen counter and then fell off and was unable to get back up without help. We were hoping he could make it to his 15th birthday next month, but still, nearly 15 years is pretty good for a kitty. Bye bye, Jinxie. Hope Pixie's waiting to show you where the best sleeping spots are.

update: Crushy is a little bounder! Not 6 hours after we came home with no Jinx, and he took possession of the bedroom again. (He gave it up about a year and a half ago). It was nice to have the kitty company though!


  1. i actually feel pain at jinxie's... missingness. one of the reasons i don't get a pet, myself.

  2. miss Sarah,
    Amy and I are sorry to hear about mr. Jinx. I can't imagine how hard it must be since Jinxie made it that far. We keep reminding ourselves that our cats could go when they get around 13 to 20 and it makes us sad just thinking about it. We will keep you and Evan in our thoughts and maybe Ginseng can meet up with Pixie and be waiting at the station for Jinxie's arrival and they can all get tea.
    I posted this yesterday but it may not have gone through so I apologize if you get this message twice.

  3. Thanks guys! The funny thing is, he was so skinny and nervous and freaky, we actually are amazed he made it to almost 15! The other members of his family we knew of did not do so well. But no matter how long it's still rough when it's over anyway.

  4. I was saddened to read this today. I hope that you will always find Mr. J curled in the corners of your memory, head on paws, purring.

  5. awww... sorry to hear about your kitty.


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