Friday, June 30, 2006

happy half birthday!

Today is Emily's half-birthday, which we decided we'd celebrate every year since her birthday is in the middle of the holidays. She spent the morning at the zoo -- hopefully some animal photos came out well, and if they did I'll add them later. She then got lunch at a swanky Japanese restaurant. Right now she's out cold, but when she's up it's present time! She's getting more haba blocks for her (small) set; a really swell wooden Totoro puzzle (up close here and here); and what might be my new obsession, some Holztiger animals. I am loving these things as kid's toys, and plan to give her a couple animals for every occasion. And in case you were wondering, no, she's not getting presents twice, these are her presents for the year (although one plush polar bear was put away for her actual birthday).

In other news, things are horrifically hectic around here, but a break is in sight, thank goodness! More then!


  1. LOL, we do the SAME thing for our little beast! In fact TOMORROW we are having his half birthday celebration! I think our family thinks we are nuts for doing it that way, but everyone is so caught up with the holidays, it seems unfair when our kid's celebrations get lost in the chaos! :) It's so cool that we are not the only ones who think that way! Viva la half birthday! LOL! :)
    And that smores cake looks AMAZING. Yuuuuuum!

  2. but you halve the presents!(?)

  3. No, no! She gets her birthday presents from us and a few others on the half birthday, and then on her real birthday she'll be getting stuff from the relatives etc. (I'm pretty sure that's what Amanda's doing too.) Otherwise she'd get all her presents for the whole year (birthday + xmas) in just one week -- yuck!

  4. Great idea! I guess you're never too young for half birthdays. You can either add six months or use a Half Birthday Calculator.


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