Sunday, July 16, 2006

aprons, aprons, everywhere!

So this weekend was the big (if virtual) apron swapping party! I hope everyone who participated was as happy with the results as I was -- I loved the apron I made and the apron that I got! First, here's what I made:

what's cookin' 1 - baking theme

I drew Heather, who loves to bake, and ended up going with a baking theme for my apron and recipes. I happened to have this really cute baking themed retro fabric in a wishlist, without any idea what to use it for. And when Heather posted a link to this apron (as a "dream" apron) I was totally inspired by the ruffle motif, and came up with the design you see above. I was really happy with the ruffle on mine, although I didn't get a good pic before sending it off. I was so happy with this apron, in fact, that I made one for myself as well! And then...I made a little matching one for Emily!

baking apron mini!

I was already in a mini-apron mood, because I made a craft/play apron for Emily's pal Tess' birthday gift -- it's a reversible apron, with one side laminated for messy crafts:

reversible mini apron - craft side

and the other side a pretty floral to go with her kitchen when she "cooks":

reversible mini apron - cooking side

And yes, Emily has a match of that one, too!

Finally, here's the apron I got from my partner, Crystal:

my apron!

It's so cute! And it really is exactly what I was hoping people would get from this swap -- something that you really like that you would never think to make for yourself. She also sent me some recipes I'm dying to try (well, the empanadas will have to wait, the oven is verboten for the next month or so) and some other goodies. See?


Now you might think that's enough aprons for now but...I think I need an apron to match the mini craft apron. And Emily needs (for real) an art smock or something, because those washable crayons? Guess what, they don't always wash out! So stay tuned for more aprony goodness!


  1. Oh my gosh! Those are so cute! I'd commented over at flickr on the cooking apron ... but I didn't get that your friends' apron was reversible. What a great idea!
    Your swap booty is cool, too. Love the colors on that apron. Isn't it fun to get stuff in the mail?

  2. I love all these aprons! The one you received is so fun:) Now, where's a photo of you modeling this beauty??? Hmmm????

  3. Did I mention how much I love the ruffle on the one you made? Very chic. ;)
    I have a beautiful smock pattern to adapt for our gals. I'll forward it to you. My magic yarn ball swap pal sent it to me.

  4. Thanks all!!
    So apparently, it's actually a "flounce" because it's not gathered, but whatever, it was fun to do -- well, fun to pull it off, not so fun to figure out how to do it!!
    ooh, smock! Do tell!

  5. I'm totally digging the reversible apron. Too bad my daughter isn't old enough for an apron!

  6. wow, talent all over the place.

  7. Kim, she will be before you know it!! And Jessica - thanks, from all of us ^_^!!


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