Wednesday, September 6, 2006

goodbye summer

summer wagashi

And that was the last little vestige of summer around here -- my goldfish wagashi, which I didn't eat until yesterday, by which point summer was gone! Officially maybe it's got a few more weeks but here in the NE it feels long-gone. (And I was totally taken by surprise, we do not have enough warm clothes! oh well, I'll get used to this dressing a growing child thing eventually....) Still, Fall is my favorite season, even when it catches me off guard like this....and at least this means that pumpkin wagashi are not too far off! And Halloween! And Halloween goodies at Target! Goodbye summer, but hello fall!


  1. Target halloween goodies are the best! I checked mine last Sunday,they weren't out yet.

  2. EEEEEK! The fabric arrived and I am so excited I could squeal! Oh wait, I just did...

  3. ha ha ha!! squealy!! Wait - is that a word? oh sure, why not!


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