Friday, September 1, 2006

it's a peach of a purchase

So today is the big reveal -- the first 5-4-3-2-etsy posting day! And here's my purchase:

a peach of a face

This is the Georgia Peach barette and pin set from Shannon's Lucky Wings etsy shop. I was looking through the accessories category (to narrow down my search) and I saw this early on...and I just found myself drawn back to it again and again. I didn't even plan to make my purchase so early in the month! But I decided that Georgia was my August find and that I wasn't going to wait. Here's another pic where you can see the pin better.

Now...what will I get for September?

Go check the blogroll at the 5-4-3-2-etsy! page to see everyone else's August purchases!!


  1. OOOH! That is SO cute! I LOVE CUTE!!! Great find!

  2. I had already found Icklebird, and that scrumptious button.I may need to" cheat" and profile 2 artists next month.

  3. Ha ha! I think we're all going to be cheating -- I already spent $5 yesterday!! And it wasn't even on any of the things I had favorited!!

  4. I admit it, I'm a cheater. So there. :)


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