Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Secret Of The Hidden Dress!

We had a lot of things go missing this year. Some turned up, some didn't...but one of the most frustrating near-losses was this dress! least the story has a happy ending:

the long-lost dress

I bought the fabric right before or after Emily was born, thinking I'd make a little dress (it's the out-of-print and actually hard to get Alexander Henry Flora de los Muertos print). When I finally had time to sew, I decided to hold off since she was growing our of her clothes so fast. This spring, I finally cut it out, found matching leggings and got ready to sew it together for the warm weather. vanished! I looked everywhere, on and off for months. I re-opened packed boxes, checked with people I'd shipped things to, you name it. I finally decided to write it off and spent months tracking down just 1 single yard of the same fabric to re-do the dress. Before I could cut it out -- Evan found the pieces of this one! I'd packed them all up (I keep projects I'm working on in ziploc bags to keep from losing pieces) and the whole bag had slipped behind the china cabinet in the dining room. Yay!! And luckily, a generous enough pattern that it'll still fit this year. I put it all together, made some matching buttons and at last...the hidden dress comes out of the shadows!


  1. Beautiful!!!! I'm so glad you found it.
    I'm sorry you guys have been sick. :( Things down here are not going so well re: my brother. That's why I've been out of touch. Hugs to you all.

  2. Skull patterns or just people with polka dots?


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