Friday, February 22, 2008

belated valentines

So, since I last posted I have been sick twice, not once but TWICE. First the flu, then after about 3 days being well, a cold settled in. This has been the absolute worst winter of my entire life as far as colds and flu -- usually I get one or none. This year, it's been 2 a month at least. I will be thrilled when spring gets here!! In the meantime, just trying to stay healthy and getting a few things done here and there. (And by the way, if anyone has a sure-fire immunity booster or cold and flu fighter, please let me know about it!)

This year, Emily was so into Xmas that she didn't want to see it the small pink tree became a Valentine tree (all it needed was a few hearts and a red garland) and she and I made Valentine heart-pocket-things to replace our stockings. She picked more Aranzi Aronzo designs to glue on and they came out great (no pics though, how did that happen?) We stuffed valentines and little gifts into everyone's hearts and the homemade highlight of Emily's gifts (the real highlight, I have to admit was a set of Hello Kitty cookie cutters) was this set of felt heart-shaped sugar cookies. With icing! And sprinkles!! I want to eat them.

valentine cookies

So, our valentine's day was pretty great, especially since it fell on one of the few days this winter that found all three of us in good health. I hope yours was great too!

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