Friday, September 19, 2008

red inside: a year of color 3 week 1

Rody in the autumn sunbeams

Rody looks so calm and collected, doesn't he? We need more calmness around here -- it was not the finest day for the House of Fun. Evan lost an hour's work to the depths of his computer, and I checked in here (because it was the fastest way to check on how I made those tomatoes!) to discover that my blog was devouring itself. A few hours later I found the coding error and fixed it, but that was not. fun. at. all. All is back, but still. I can think of a million ways I'd rather have spent the last few hours.

Anyway. I've always loved seeing people's Year of Color posts, and caught a post mentioning that year 3 was about to start last week. I could use some assigments that make me look around with fresh eyes, so I'm taking the challenge on. We'll see if I can hack all 52 weeks!!

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