Thursday, September 4, 2008

dreamsicle lollipops!

So, round two of the lollipops, with some good and some bad. The good: I've got the system totally down now, it was easy as pie what am I saying? I can't make pie! It was totally easy this time around. A new experiment, "adding sparkles" at Emily's request, went really well. But, the dreamsicle flavor is too chemical, I think. She has given up on them already, declaring that they "taste like lip balm". I'm not a big fan of orange flavor, real or artificial, so...I think these pops will be heading out soon. They sure were pretty though!!

Action shot -- that's stovetop napalm, basically. Scary!!

eek!! sugary danger!

Here are the molds all nicely lined up. You can just see my trick for perfectly straight sticks at the bottom there -- I line up extra sticks and rest the bottoms of the sticks that are in the molds on the line.

mold setup

Freshly filled molds - you can see one "sparkle" lollipop on the right there.


Popped out of the mold and ready to go!

just unmolded

Here's a close-up of the "sparkles" -- the one on the left is what the backs looked like, we put some in before pouring and they look like they're embedded in resin (I guess they kind of are!). On the front we sprinkled them on right after pouring, and as the mold company promised, they stick perfectly. And here's a whole mug full of dreamsicleness! Dreamsicle lollipops, I wish we loved you more.


  1. Hi
    Lollipops are certainly comics-topical, given the recent Dark Horse book of Herbie reprints, funny stuff. As much as I like to ask for them from cute bank tellers, I appreciate your info on making them DIY, thas' cool, but where do you get those lollipop sticks, which always turn to wet tp in your mouth, and how can we shut them down? Chupa Chups has the right idea with plastic stems, but with hard candy, it's hot & cold, as I understand it all works, which I don't.
    John Allison's webcomic Scarygoround is excellent, and he referenced the latest Moomincomics collection in the Comics Journal, as summer reading, I feel compelled to mention. It also clarifies the gender of the Yotsuba author, you might want to mention to Evan. And as I can only think of creepy things to further bring up, have you seen the new DC Supergirl animated action figure? She's so tiny, your comics and animated figure was so much better, imho. Still, you rule.

  2. OK. You've totally convinced me to try the lollies. I'm thinking bats and ghosties for Halloween. Maybe a dark purple grape? Or 'bloody' cherry?
    Too bad the flavor didn't turn out right. Love Emily's comment. Funny, I know exactly what she means.

  3. Mmmmm...they do look good though! Great job!

  4. thanks, all!! mike, you can get plastic sticks, and apparently wooden ones too -- paper is safer for kids though so I just stuck with that. And misc, the mold company has a Halloween set!! I plan on getting it for Halloween myself. If for nothing else, then for the kitties!


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