Sunday, November 30, 2008

eye spy...what I want for christmas

So, this is..has ended, but Cindy of bugandpop has started a new Sunday theme! Eye spy....with my little eye...and this week it's "something I want for Christmas":

The truth is, I don't want much of anything. We're working to get stuff out of the house, not into it. And I'm trying to stick to only bringing a new thing in if it replaces and/or upgrades something that's left. So generally, I just want things I can use up (like fabric!) or eat (I haven't bought my semi-annual box of maple candy yet...) or do (like a holiday, which is out of the question).

I have to confess, I may break my own rule though! I only recently found out about Momiji dolls, which are just too cute for words. I mean, urban-vinyl design + cute + kokeshi + small world avon bottles? I am so there!!


I don't know how I could pick just one, there are so many cuties. I actually put four of them on my kaboodle wishlist! now what's going to have to go to make some room for these girls...


  1. It's so funny I just saw these today, with the matching cups - too cute! Adding them to my list too.

  2. Oh I love these too! My sister in law bought me one last year, they are so adorable!!

  3. Have been looking around for the cute Momiji Doll in the UK and just grabbed one. Dancing girl is the one I got and like the pink fuchsia and white color


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