Thursday, November 6, 2008

forest friends muriel

The fall sewing checklist continues! Next to be finished was this forest friends muriel, made with some corduroy Emily picked out herself and trimmed with some lovely farbenmix ribbons.

forest friends muriel

I honestly bought the corduroy she wanted without the slightest clue what i was going to do with it. It was only after getting the ribbons and realizing they were a perfect match for the colors in the fabric that the idea for this dress developed.

forest friends muriel - detail

And I have to say, thank goodness for's generous cuts -- I actually only ordered a half yard of the green and without the extra few inches that were actually there I could not have made the dress!! I added an applique based on the adorable deer designed by paulapü to match her ribbons. Someday I'd like to get some of the iron-on motifs made from her designs, or the fabric! So cute!! I am so envious, to have all these cool notions and things made from your designs must be so awesome! (At least I can make fabric, thank you Spoonflower!) Anyway, the applique:

forest friends muriel - applique

Emily declared it cute and then...asked when I would make her "orange stripey dress". Which I didn't know I was making! So...have to start figuring that one out next!

And today (yesterday, actually, I fell asleep before posting this after writing it!), I am thankful for too many things to list. I will just say..yes we did. and yes we will.

the fabrics are Robert Kaufman "cool cords" from; the ribbons were a gift but can be bought at bunte fabrics.


  1. It's gorgeous, Sarah - I adore the colours and the ribbons! You really do amazing work. :) I love the appliqué too - can I ask how you did it? I only know how to do appliqués with zig zag at the edges - won't it fray this way?

  2. I love, love, love the dress! The ribbons, the applique, the fabric are just perfect!!!

  3. Thanks guys!! Astrid -- I actually never do appliqué with zig-zag or satin stitch; usually if I use a woven I will put an interfacing on the back of the appliqué -- in this case because the legs on the fawn are so thin I actually used Steam-a-seam to fuse it to the backing fabric. In truth I didn't need to stitch it at all! But I like the look of it stitched this way. It will fray a teeny bit around the edges but I actually like the way that looks. Very Boden-ish, if you're familiar with that company?

  4. What a cute dress, I love it!! :o)

  5. Hi There!!! Such a lovely dress!
    Trying to catch up with everyone and get back in the bloggy loop,still looks like you are doing some fun stuff!

  6. I stumbled on your blog per chance and fell in love with this cute dress - I'd love to have one like that in my size ;), mainly because I love the ribbons and the deer-applique, luckily the ribbons are from Germany - and as I'm right next to it there's hope for me :D


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