Wednesday, March 18, 2009

an explosion of cute!

so, I've been trying to blog for weeks, but time has been even more limited than usual. twitter is about all I have spare time for! instead of trying to finish any of my pending posts, let me just race through a few quick things:

ichiban kan package!

check out that box of cuteness! I treated myself to a load of stuff from ichiban kan, where you can get all the cute little bento-y things you've seen on ebay for about $1 a piece (instead of $5 or so on ebay!) Favorites so far are the ultraman forks and the silicone pancake rings (they work amazingly!)

Also amazingly cute -- this little pegdoll I won from one of my favorite blogs, creative breathing. She's on my desk right now, and the only thing bad about her? She looks like she needs company!!

Final cuteness? Emily, who is now cooking at the stove. (Don't worry, closely supervised.) She is so proud of herself, it kills me!


  1. Wah! Cute cute cute stuff! Post some photos of your pancakes, please! That pegdoll is adorable.

  2. What a wonderful box of goodies!!! I'm so glad to see you back - I've really missed you ;o)
    That peg doll is just precious, and I agree that she needs friends! LOL! Give Emily hugs, hon. I'm getting frustrated trying to teach my big girls to cook (and having to eat the results is sometimes punishment enough to make me skip out on cooking lessons for weeks!). If I'm having this hard of a time with the 2 big girls that are both fairly cooperative and well behaved, how will I EVER survive the 3 littles????? ACK!!!!!!

  3. Ooooh, Fun stuff!! There is a serious lack of Ultra Man at mealtime in this joint!
    Alas, no shipping to Canada for the time being... time to call up the inlaw and let them know I am using their address yet again ^___^
    I can't wait till the Bea can help more in the Kitchen, she's just started getting into her wee play kitchen though and "cooks" for us
    Peg dolls are so sweet!

  4. EEEEEEK!!!! There goes MORE of my money...


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