Sunday, March 22, 2009

eye spy...a slacker!!

Well, actually, this week's theme is "something beautiful in my back yard", although I'll have to cheat with an out-of-season photo here:

my favorite dicentra

But, time for my confession of guilt, I enthusiastically signed up for eye spy but I have not been playing along, sorry to say. Things have been very hectic and my online time is slashed to a minimum. It all started with the theme "Eye Spy ... My secret (Food) Shame", because I was totally stumped. When it comes to food, I have no shame and no secrets! Maybe things that aren't common knowledge, because how often does "do you like milk?" come up in conversation? But I didn't have an answer. And then it just snowballed from there. So here's a quick summary of what I didn't spy.

Wait, actually, it all started with "Eye Spy ... Something Delicious", because I couldn't find the photo of our favorite cake that I wanted to post. This isn't the photo I wanted, but it is our favorite cake:

we love cake!

That's Japanese-style strawberry shortcake, which at Xmastime comes with lovely decorations on top. We get one every year!

Then after "something delicious" and "secret food shame" came "Eye Spy ... Love" and "Eye Spy ... Something that makes me Happy" and "Eye Spy ... Something that make me Laugh", and really, the answers are Emily, Emily and Emily, and you see enough photos of her, right? But now you know the answers.

And then last week, I actually had a few moments and worked on a post...then my server went down and I couldn't post it! it was "eye favorite color". And the answer (for purposes of this meme) is:


Emily's sweater - detail

Actually, the entire cool part of the spectrum is what I like (pink, purple, blue and green), but pink's been a constant. Plus, Emily has declared it my absolute favorite and who's arguing with her? She has also declared Evam's favorite to be red, and hers to be orange. And she's not kidding about the orange, it's been her favorite long as I can remember, really. She loves orange like crazy.

And look! I'm all caught up! So, eye spy someone who will try harder to stay on top of things she signs up for!! (Just don't mention any "year in color" or anything to me right now, 'kay?)


  1. Aw c'mon. Don't be shy. What's your favorite color according to the Munsell scale?

  2. Yum! As pretty as those flowers are that cake looks amazing!!


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