Sunday, November 15, 2009

eye spy...adventure

eye spy adventure

Or an adventurer, anyway. This is Emily on the Giant Wheel ferris wheel in Wildwood this past year. It was her second year riding the giant wheel and her 4th or 5th ride all told. She is fearless! She also begged to go on the flume ride, which was too much for a 4-year old -- she was just too small and I truly feared losing my grip on her on the 2nd (really HUGE) drop, but she was tall enough so they let her ride. And she didn't get off after the first drop either! (you have a spot where you can leave before the big one). Go, little Miss Adventure!

This week's eye spy theme brought to you by Louise!


  1. You can see Emily's father hunched over from his abject fear of heights. Eye spy...fear!

  2. Ferris Wheels are so much fun for young and old!! There is nothing more exhilarating being up high, the wind in your hair and little people way down below!

  3. An adventurous, fearless soul, a life full of opportunity. Love your blog BTW!

  4. Miss Petal is a fearless adventurer as well, sometimes it makes my heart skip a beat, you know how it is.

  5. AWesome that spirit will serve her well in life!


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