Saturday, November 28, 2009

what the grown up Pippi might wear


Seriously, how cute is that dress? And I didn't realize it until after I'd bought it but so, totally, grown-up Pippi. I will definitely be needing some stripey tights for that one. I found it at a site I'd never heard of until last week, Tulle -- of all the Black Friday weekend sales I saw promoted they were the only place that looked interesting, and I just remembered to go check them out. And found that dress and had to have it. (Also got some leggings, and a little knit skirt for $4!) Lots of cute stuff, actually -- if the quality is decent, I'll shop there again. They have a men's side too, but the sizing info is useless, and I mean useless. Otherwise I'd have picked up some sweaters for Evan.

I just hope they haven't sold out of everything I ordered already. And now to go looking for some pippi-riffic tights and big shoes!

*oh dear, my search for tights just led me to the most extensive socks/tights site I've ever seen. Send a search party if I don't come back soon!


  1. Sock Dreams is a slippery slope!
    Adorable and practical but stylin' dress!

  2. I looove this dress. Thank you for sharing the link. I am a longtime fan of
    but at TULLE I can find something similar at very different prices. Please make a post when you have checked out the quality.

  3. Oh wow I would wear this in a hot minute! So cute...

  4. Don't forget the over-sized men's shoes and the bag of gold coins.
    A friend of mine was almost cast as Pippi in that awful remake, and she undoubtedly couldn't do worse, but then I never would have met her
    Bon secours!


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