Monday, February 15, 2010

cookies of love

candy-filled cookies

We made these cookies for Valentine's Day -- originally we were going to make them last week and send them out, but then that whole blizzard thing happened and quashed that idea. So we waited and just made them for ourselves this weekend. The idea and the cookie dough recipe came from an old clipping I'd saved from Family Fun magazine -- but instead of melting jolly ranchers in the centers, we baked the cookies, then poured our own hard candy (using the lollipop recipe) into the middles.

candy-filled cookies

It worked out beautifully! The cookie dough kept its shape and the candy was easy to handle.

candy-filled cookies

I don't think we'll be able to eat them all though! Definitely a recipe for gift-giving.

We had a good day, although having two holidays your 5-year-old likes on a single day is a bit rough (Chinese/Lunar New Year was yesterday as well -- we did Valentine's for the first half of the day, New Year's for the 2nd) all came out fine though!

And finally I just have to show off the lovely necklace I got for Valentine's Day (which would look much better with something other than an oversized t-shirt, but I wore it all day anyway)!

skull necklace

Hope your Valentine's Day was sweet and happy! (And let's not forget, Gung Hay Fat Choy! Welcome, year of the Tiger!)

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