Monday, May 17, 2010

1930s sewing amazement!

I stumbled across the most amazing set of ebay listings yesterday -- six portfolios of sewing and design samples by a 1930s (late 1930s, I think) Belgian fashion student named Hilda Servotte. Seriously, you must check them out while they are still up! Two albums are full of her clothing designs, the other four are actual sewn samples of all sorts of things. A few of my favorite pages:


from the "pockets" portfolio (yes, nothing but pockets! and all gorgeous!)


Buttonholes I wish I could make (from the "Intuition" portfolio),


All sorts of detailing techniques on one piece (from the "Lingerie" portfolio), and:


bias application - I love those stripes! Possibly the most amazing portfolio is the one that is nothing but mending. It took me a few minutes to realize what it was, most of the mending is so amazingly clean. It's an incredible display of work!

I do actually have two very different sets of samples -- one is a class notebook from 1913 with some sewing samples and notes (very small, nothing like this) and the other is a 1950s Singer Sewing Center album of techniques with sewn samples. But these are astounding, and they'd be on their way to my house right now if I had that kind of money to casually toss around. I hope they go to a good home! (Preferably one that I can visit to see these in person, ha ha!)

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  1. Oh wow! I realllllyyyyyyy hope this goes to a museum or something so lots of people can enjoy it, not just have it hoarded in a draw. How amazing is the quality of her work?! x


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