Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the crazy ice cream cone

ice cream

That is an ice cream cone I ate in Toronto two weeks ago. The flavor was "MIckey's Birthday Cake" and it was cake flavored ice cream, with frosting swirled in (frosting!!) and lots of sprinkles swirled in as well. With whipped cream and a mini-oreo on top. Holy smokes. To heck with everyone else and their "cupcake" flavored nonsense. It was amazing. But....I had to let Evan eat half of it and I still felt awful later! Emily had french vanilla and said it was delicious. (Both bought at "The Big Chill" which was, I think, right on Bloor College! Thanks, Gal!)


  1. !!! The Big Chill on College is one of our family's fav spots, though I haven't finished my own treat there solo since I was pregnant.
    I hope Southern Ontario was good to y'all, and you had a great time ^___^

  2. Cool - i am going to check it out when I'm up there this summer. Sounds like i might split it w/ both kids though. :)

  3. I'm impressed you killed even half of it. You must have felt like a hummingbird afterward.

  4. I loved the Foofa costume you made in this blog post: How cute!!! :-)
    I'm dressing my family up as the Yo Gabba Gabba crew this Halloween - and I'd like to go as Foofa! Any chance you can make that same hat and also the petal collar in an adult size? (I can find my own pretty pink outfit/leggings).
    If so, please email me at mochatini (at) gmail (dot) com. Thank you!!!

  5. Guessing it is the angle this ice cream cone was shot at but that looks surreal. I just recently I tried birthday cake flavored ice cream and I actually liked it.


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