Sunday, September 26, 2010

cleaning the coastline

Yesterday was the 25th International Coastal Cleanup day - we went down to pitch in, and with just 4 Daisy scouts (plus a sister) and their adult helpers, cleared 40 lbs of garbage off the beach in about 45 minutes. (We had to check off every item they bagged for a survey being done at that beach - it definitely slowed the process down but hopefully the results will be helpful). A bunch of teams were at our beach, and hopefully teams were at every beach yesterday -- supposedly 500,000 volunteers cleaned beaches worldwide! I was surprised at how quickly we were filling our bags - and there was some creepy stuff too. Behold:

beach debris

Yes, that's a great big kitchen knife. Yikes! Right on the beach! true, it's not a swimmable beach, but still.

Emily asked if we can take garbage bags back and clean more. After seeing what was still there after all the teams left (that knife, for example!), I said yes. Actually I think I said something like "hell, yeah, omigod I can't believe all this garbage!" Poor beach!

Note: no little Daisy Scouts were allowed near that knife - don't worry!

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