Monday, January 9, 2006

book club bonanza!

book club book

Last October I wrote up Target's Ready. Sit. Read! book club promotion, but I never got around to the follow-up, which was the awesome stuff that we got for signing Emily up! I was shocked to get a huge box that contained a whole load of stuff, all illustrated by J. Otto Seibold (of Olive, the Other Reindeer et al). First came out the heavy cardboard backpack, with everything else stuffed inside. Parts to convert the backpack into a jetpack or angel wings (or bird wings? not sure), stickers, a book, an electronic bookmark (very cool), door hanger, and book club flag. I'm not sure if they are still sending it all out (they didn't say when I signed her up that she'd get all this stuff!) but it's worth a try. (I'm tempted to get someone to sign up at their address so we can stash extras for Emily!!) Photos of the swag are up at flickr (although it'll take a wee bit of time for that link to be working, I think - in the meantime, click on the photo above and just go backwards through the photos).


  1. I actually ordered the kit after I read your initial post about it. I think I received it sometime in November or December. It is fabulous. I love that Target actually hired an illustrator with talent and creativity. My 3 year old also loved the kit and all of the stickers. Of course, I should have ordered two because she claimed everything as her own and now it's in the condition that you would expect it to be in after being played with by a 3 yo. I have a few of the stickers from the kit on the cover of my ibook. Fun!

  2. That is sooo cool! I just signed Pumpkinbutt up for it,but I have a feeling we won't be getting all the cool stuff you did. It had an area on the site for printing out a doorhanger and a bookmark. Still very cute but you got the motherload. The website for it is really cute too, love the illustrations!


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